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Commitment to quality

Using various test equipment in our test room, we repeatedly test and measure basic performance and safety performance from the product development, trial production, and design stages on the premise of Japanese quality standards. In recent years, measures against formaldehyde, which has been attracting attention, have been carefully implemented.

01. Environmental test:

We use a constant temperature and humidity tester to check quality in various environments. We carry out the following rigorous tests to withstand the quality of industrial standard products while making the best use of natural materials such as wood. Check for cracks, warpage, and dimensional changes by putting parts, components, and products into a harsh environment of 72 hours (3 days) for high temperature and high humidity, and 72hours (3 days) for low temperature and low humidity.

02. Wood strength and characteristics test:
We check the strength and characteristics of various materials, not just wood. For example, we check the tensile, compressive, and bending strength of finished products as well as parts and members such as wood and metal fittings.
03. Repeated impact test:

The strength is checked by repeatedly applying impact to the air (former JIS). With a 60 kg weight placed on the seat of the chair, only the two front legs are lifted 10 cm upward, and the impact action of dropping the two front legs on one machine is repeated 5,000 times, check abnormalities such as distortion and damage to the chair.

04. Seat durability test:

Check the durability of seats such as sofas and chairs. Apply a load of 95 kg to the seat surface 50,000 times and check each part for any abnormalities such as cracks.